The measure of intelligence is the ability to change


Established in 2003 to provide bespoke services to vulnerable adults, we have focused on what we do well, providing person centred support for harder to reach, complex, and challenging service users. During this time, we have continually achieved a ‘Good’ CQC rating, in the face of legislative and monitoring changes, and service development.

We strive to provide services of the highest standards in every respect, and have extensive experience working with people with Prada Willi Syndrome, Personality Disorder, Autism, Mental Health issues, Brain Injuries, as well as those with a forensic background. Comprehensive risk assessments, intelligent planning, and committed competent staff are the keys to our success and impressive service growth.

A little support can go a very long way in someone’s life


Our services are first and foremost flexible; tailored to the specific needs of the individuals supported whether that be in terms of time, method or intensity of support. This flexible approach is employed pervasively enabling us to work in a variety of ways, delivering outreach, domiciliary care, emergency support and respite. For this we have been called upon to go the extra yard by, for example: supplying vehicles for independent travel and changing the fabric of accommodation. Whatever is required during the course of a life, we strive to deliver.

Accommodation is also a focus of ours and we work with our maintenance team and landlords in developing and maintaining our accommodations. We meet and often surpass the needs of the people we support on an often urgent basis, whist keeping rents (covered by Housing Benefits) affordable.

Our intelligent approach to management, delegation and communication with a pro-active emphasis endows us with the ability to predict issues such as challenges before they escalate. In short, we predict issues before they become problems, and react to problems before they become a crisis. Ultimately, we are small enough to care, big enough to be efficient, and intelligent enough to adapt.

Out of difficulties grow miracles

Placements and Emergency Placements


Our delivery model has always focused on supported-living, allowing us the flexibility we require to help our service users achieve a higher level of independence.

Our ethos of empowering service users to do things for themselves, rather than doing things for them, means that our service users are engaged to become more independent, which in turn translates into the need for less support. We try to avoid providing houses for life, preferring to continually challenge the people receiving our support to develop their skills, and where possible move on.

Robust risk assessments are conducted prior to every placement whereby all conceivable hazards and subsequent risks are taken into consideration. Additionally, the suitability of a service for the service user is given great consideration to ensure that all service users are placed in an environment which is conducive with their growth and development. As a modern collaborative organisation, this information is discussed at our weekly Management Meeting to allow consideration from each discipline within our team.

There are of course circumstances where placements are referred in an emergency. For us this is a call to action for the service. It is in these ‘all hands-on deck’ situations where we are most effective as a team. The arranging of emergency medication, preparing commensurate staff, and drafting of care plans are some of the things that need to be done urgently (in these situations) and is one of the reasons we maintain good communication throughout the service and furthermore, to better understand the needs of care delivery, office staff will spend time on the floor, engaging with support staff and service users alike.

Our experts

Office / accounts Manager

Mandy Hill

Registered Manager

Shola Vernon

Senior Support Worker

Pearl Louis

Senior Support Worker

Ogunniyi Bogunjoko

Senior Support Worker

Mercy Karita

“The staff at Adolphus Care help me to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day.
Now I get more done.” – service user

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